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Time – it is our greatest gift and our biggest enemy.  It sometimes seem to pass so slowly and then we look up and it has flown by.  The soft little puppy is a strong young dog, and then suddenly a grey muzzled senior. 

You love your pet like family; celebrate them like family!  Your house is truly your home when there are pictures of the whole family!

maremma puppy

Pet Photographs that are Works of Art

The best part of your day is the time you spend together.  The wiggle butt when you walk in the door.  The ‘I can’t get up I have a cat on my lap’ rule (yes, it is a rule).  The soft nicker when you walk in the barn.  When you see them they make you smile.

Together we will capture that feeling of joy forever in a timeless piece of artwork.

We all wish out pets could live forever…

I know I do!  I’m Lori and I have shared my life with a lot of remarkable pets.  They have a special place in our hearts and they deserve a special place on our walls with the rest of our family.  My clients cherish their beautiful images, artwork and albums that will bring you back to this moment for a lifetime.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me riding, hiking, camping, or traveling the world looking for something interesting to photograph.



“I would wholeheartedly recommend Lori if you are looking for someone to photograph your pet. My kitty, Zeus, was pretty scared being away from home for his Valentine’s pictures and Lori got amazing pictures. I can only imagine what she could do in your own home or familiar place!” – Tracy Ell and Zeus

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“Lori came to our home to photograph my cat, McLovin’. who was very uncooperative at first, however, he grew comfortable as Lori photographed the other pets in our home. Lori was both patient and gentle with the fur babies, and captured their unique personalities on film. She also did an outstanding job of sourcing the perfect canvas and metal frames for their images which remain beautiful and special additions to our fur baby family photos. Lori is the Tiffany & Co. of photographers!” – Amber Fowler and McLovin’, Sophie, Flapjack, Stevens, and Harley


“Lori has been volunteering for Newberg Animal Shelter for over two years.  Her photographs directly translate to faster adoptions, because she is able to capture the heart and spirit of each pet.  We’re immensely grateful for the work she does to help find forever homes for shelter pets.

In addition to the work she does directly with the shelter, she has also coordinated fundraisers to help support the shelter.  Lori is wonderful to work with and an amazing artist.  I hired her personally to do family portraits, which turned out better than I could have ever hoped.  She was able to capture the same heart and spirit of my family members as she does with the pets.

It’s phenomenal to see what she can capture with her camera!” – Sarah Williams, Shelter Manager, Newberg Animal Shelter


shelter cat looking out window